Interesting new budget EC2 instance

Amazon has released another interesting option for their EC2 instances.  T2 is their new lowest price point instance.

You can read the details about it in the AWS blog post.  The benefit it provides is if you have a low use machine that needs to burst now and then.  The T2 instance has a “credit” system that accumulates during low CPU load that you can use when you need it.

On the surface, a T2.medium instance (w/4GB RAM and 2 vCPUs –but factor in the burstable credits thing…) in the 3 year reserved base Windows category running 24/7 is $546 upfront and $122/year.  This cost is based on using the US East region.  It’s a nice option if you have a need for a machine that has a light load with an occasional burst now and then.

Hops 2013 – Off to a good start

Hops close up

My cascade hops are off to a great start this year.  It took three weeks to reach about 10 feet in height! See photos below.  I’m looking forward to wet hopping some beers with the wonderfully aromatic cones from these in the next few months..

This is the 3rd year for these hops.  I received rhizomes from two wonderful friends in May 2011.  In the late winter of this year, I dug out and cut excess rhizomes to give to others who were ready to start growing them.

Digging these up revealed to me how aggressively they  have been spreading underground.  Kind of scary.

Hops 2013 start

April 12, 2013. Hops are off to a shooting start.

Hops at 3 weeks

May 3, 2013. Hops at about 10 feet after 3 weeks.